Emotional Availability

EA® System (BASIC) In Vivo Training/Certification (Newborn – 14 years)

**Although in vivo trainings will resume, there are none scheduled in the near future, due to the corona virus pandemic**

If you are interested in and learn better through live training, many such live (in vivo) trainings typically are available and will be available in the future.  Such events are posted on this website.  Also inquire to schedule one in your community if you are interested in organizing a workshop.  While such trainings are referred to as live or in vivo, the presentation and workshop contexts are live, whereas the reliability process is actually done after the workshop and, hence, the whole process is hybrid.

There is ongoing, self-paced, online training for the EA System, and hence no need to wait for a live, in vivo training; you may gather a group in your organization or nearby areas for going through the online training together as an EA community (contact us for the lowered registration fees as incentive to work together as an EA Community).

Some examples of past in vivo trainings (for EA-related trainings, assessment or intervention):

June 2001: Sydney, Australia.
June 2003: Berlin, Germany.
June 2005: Berlin, German.
March 2004: Heidelberg, Germany.
June 2007: Zutphen, The Netherlands.
June 2008: Chieti-Pescara, Italy.
October 2008: Boulder, Colorado.
April 2009: Boulder, Colorado.
June 2009: Beilen, The Netherlands.
April 2010: Boulder, Colorado.
June 2010: Helsinki, Finland.
June 2010: Istanbul, Turkey.
April 2011: Boulder, Colorado.
May 2011: Boulder, Colorado.
February 2011: Ankara, Turkey.
July 2011: Wellington, New Zealand.
July 2011: Brisbane, Australia.
June 2012: Beilen, the Netherlands.
June 2012: Helsinki, Finland.
November 2012: Berlin, Germany (through the University of Ulm).
May 12-14, 2013: Boulder, Colorado.
May 11, 12, 13, 2014: Boulder, Colorado.
October 2017: Copenhagen, Denmark, by Dr. Saara Salo (Finnish trainer, University of Helsinki Central Hospital and Pilke Clinic).
February 2018: Ulm, Germany by Dr. Hannah Wurster (Colorado State University)
June 2-3, 2020: EA Practitioner Guide Training, Turkish colleagues (“live” via Zoom).
June 4-5, 2020: EA Brief Intervention Training, Turkish colleagues (“live” via Zoom).

Please contact us through this portal or by writing to zbiringen@eaparentchild.com.  If you do not get a response within 24-48 hrs, please follow up, as these messages are routinely answered in a timely fashion and lack of response means that there has been a problem in delivery.