Research-Backed Tools to Assess and Evaluate Adult-Child Relationships

Based on decades of research on attachment and Emotional Availability (EA), EA is applicable to a wide range of relationships, from mother-child, father-child, to professional caregivers, teachers, including children with typical as well as atypical development and helps improve your "powers of observation."


The only measurement tool that evaluates Adult-child relationships from pregnancy to 17 years

Get trained in Emotional Availability (EA) to bring a new tool into your research, intervention, or practice in evaluating adult-child relationships.


Prenatal EA Pregnancy

Bring a new tool to your research or practice by learning to evaluate EA for expectant parents, even before the baby is born


EA Basic 0-5 years

Add a new tool to your research or grow your practice by scientifically evaluating adult-child relationships with EA


EA Middle Childhood/Youth 6-17 years

Follow up your research sample or open a new world of service offerings as a professional


EA Brief 0-17 years

How to have a conversation with a parent after you do an EA assessment about them.


Get trained in Emotional Availability to bring a new tool into your research or practice for evaluating adult-child relationships

Used in rigorous research and high-quality practice settings

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Helping adult-child relationships in many areas How can Emotional Availability help you?

Emotional Availability is useful to researchers and practitioners who are interested in learning to evaluate adult-child relationships using an evidence-based system


EA helps Adult + Child

Mother/Father + Child
Grandparent + Grandchild
Teacher + Student
Therapist + Client
Doctor + Patient
Any adult + child relationship

EA is used by Professionals

Child Care Professionals
Foster care agencies
Assessment/therapy clinics
Child welfare agencies
Child custody evaluations
Adult caregivers to dementia patients

Meet Zeynep Biringen

Zeynep Biringen, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado and Professor Emerita at Colorado State University (CSU). She conducted research on adult-child relationships at CSU for over 25 years and has trained thousands of professionals in the evidence-based EA System. Inspired by Robert N. Emde’s conceptualizations of emotional availability and emotions as well as Bowlby/Ainsworth attachment theory, Biringen has spearheaded the understanding of emotional availability (EA) as a rigorous scientific assessment of adult-child relationships, developing and refining the Emotional Availability (EA) System.



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