Emotional Availability


This is the official site for www.emotionalavailability.com, which provides information about “emotional availability” (or EA) in adult-child relationships.  This website will be of special use to researchers and practitioners who are interested in learning to evaluate adult-child relationships using an evidence-based system.

The Emotional Availability (EA) System has been used in independent laboratories and organizations since 1993, and we are now in the 4th edition of the system. The EA Scales (continuous scales) are the most important part of this system and require training and certification to implement.  More recently, the EA Zones Evaluation (formerly referred to as the EA Clinical Screener) has been added to the system as a way to summarize the EA Scales and a way to describe how the system is translated into four attachment styles.

Check out this introductory video about the site and please feel free to contact us at any time, using the ‘contact’ tab.