Prenatal EA

Bring a new tool to your research or practice by learning to evaluate EA for expectant parents, even before the baby is born

pregnant woman

Prenatal or fetal attachment refers to the feelings, perceptions, as well as behaviors that a mother develops towards her unborn baby. It is thought that this developing bond is important for her postpartum relationship with the baby as well as for the baby's development over time.  At this point, most measurement tools that assess this quality are self-report measures.  The observational Prenatal EA measure, on the other hand, helps the professional to bring a new tool to his or her work with pregnant mothers, who are developing a relationship with the unborn baby. Often, pregnancy is a wonderful time to help mothers, as they are very motivated.  This tool is scientifically based and has been found to predict aspects of attachment.  This is the only tool of which we are aware that taps the relationship of the mother with her actual unborn baby.  Mother’s sensitivity and nonhostility are the 2 dimensions of EA that are used.

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