In-Person Training

Learning EA in an in-person classroom setting 

Portrait of young attractive architect doing presentation to her coworkers

Conducted prior to the pandemic in the following locations, and will be coming soon.

June 2001: Sydney, Australia
June 2003: Berlin, Germany
June 2005: Berlin, Germany

March 2004: Heidelberg, Germany
June 2007: Zutphen, The Netherlands.
June 2008: Chieti-Pescara, Italy
October 2008: Boulder, Colorado

April 2009: Boulder, Colorado

June 2009: Beilen, The Netherlands

April 2010: Boulder, Colorado

June 2010: Helsinki, Finland

June 2010: Istanbul, Turkey

April 2011: Boulder, Colorado

May 2011: Boulder, Colorado
February 2011: Ankara, Turkey
July 2011: Wellington, New Zealand
July 2011: Brisbane, Australia
June 2012: Beilen, The Netherlands
June 2012: Helsinki, Finland
November 2012: Berlin, Germany (through the University of Ulm)
May 2013: Boulder, Colorado
May 2014: Boulder, Colorado
October 2017: Copenhagen, Denmark Hospital and Pilke Clinic)
February 2018: Ulm, Germany

Below are “live” but virtual trainings on the EA Brief to researchers:

June 2-3, 2020 Turkish colleagues

June 4-5, 2020 Turkish colleagues

In-person trainings coming soon