What it looks like to be trained in EA

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The Process of EA Training Involves

  1. Application
  2. When approved, registering for an authorized training, which involves payment in full. This is the same whether you are a researcher, a practitioner, or both. (Payment includes the cost of manuals, mailing costs, as well as consultations during training and certification.) Please make sure you want the training or your group members want the training, as training fees are for a specific person and cannot be transferred once materials are sent.
  3. Manuals are ordered from the publisher, which except for Christmas break, are sent quite promptly to all international locations.  If you are in one of the countries where we have translation to your language, you automatically will be sent the appropriate English-translated language version.  While we wait for 4.1 to be translated into Finnish, German, and/or Japanese (which at present are the translations), please let us know if you would prefer the English only 4.1 manual (which is ready for both the Infancy/Early Childhood as well as the Middle Childhood/Youth version) or the 4th edition English and translated.  The latter would mean that you will later need to order the 4.1 translated manual at your own expense.  Unless you indicate to us differently at the time you register, we will send out the 4.1 manuals (English only).
  4. Please let us know when the manuals have been received as soon as possible;
  5. You will be given access to the online training;
  6. When you have completed the training videos, please let us know so that we can schedule a live zoom meeting with Biringen (or an associate); this will be with your entire registered ‘group’
  7. After the zoom meeting, you will be given access to the reliability test and allowed 1 month from the time of zoom meeting to complete the test;  
  8. Please send to Biringen (or your assigned associate) the completed excel file and a word document of your observational notes for each of the EA dimensions (adult sensitivity, adult structuring, adult nonintrusiveness, adult nonhostility, child responsiveness, child involvement) during the observation of the reliability cases; please send to only Biringen only (or your assigned associate) and do not cc anyone else from your group; the reason for this is that we want each professional to feel comfortable in undertaking this process in a confidential manner;
  9. Biringen (or your assigned associate) will establish a give and take, until you are certified in a confidential manner.  If it takes you some tries, no worries!  If you are willing to put in the work needed, we’re here for you!