Our Emotional Availability courses focus on pregnancy, as well as 0-5 and 6-17 years

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Prenatal EA Prenatal EA Training

The prenatal EA assessment is done during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, when the mom feels movement of her unborn fetus (called "quickening") and there is a relationship with the unborn baby. This training is available after EA Basic training and certification. However, it is advisable that you register for this at the time of EA Basic registration. There is a separate training, reliability test, and certification for this. Dr. Saara Salo provides background on the emotional connection between mother and unborn baby.

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EA Basic 0-5 years

All professionals using the EA System need to go through this foundational training—EA Basic.. The online training is 2 ½ -3 days of a filmed live workshop, followed by a live/virtual (Zoom) meeting with Biringen or an associate. Then, the reliability test is released. After completion of course, professionals are certified for 1-2 years. As you will see, EA Training conducted in a ‘group setting’ (‘group’ refers to 2 or more people who sign up for the training at the same time and who plan to meet together on occasion to discuss the EA Training) is viewed as most optimal, and incentives for this view have been created, as there is much learning and improvement in learning that occurs within group settings. Copyrighted/trademarked EA materials are available solely with this authorized training

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EA Middle Childhood/Youth 6 years and up

EA Basic needs to be completed first! This is additional training after EA Basic, and involves training on children 6 years and up, and the manual can be used to at least 17 years. More and more professionals are getting trained in this, especially practitioners working in agencies, as one can seamlessly move from the early years to older children, without changing tools or measures.

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EA Brief Videoanalysis & Videofeedback

This is videoanalysis of a parent-child sessions, using the EA framework, with exact time stamps of positive instances of the EA dimensions (sensitivity, structuring, nonintrusiveness, nonhostility, child responsiveness, and child involvement) in a particular relationship, as well time stamps of moments needing growth. The EA Coach provides videofeedback and creates the context for meaningful conversation. We have been training other professionals in the implementation of the EA Brief so it can be used as part of service delivery with parents and/or research on parents.

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Recertification needed every 1-2 years Variety of options to maintain your certification