Online/Hybrid Training

Combining pre-recorded online resources with live virtual meetings

View over shoulder of a mixed race clever female student at a computer screen with a female teacher and students. Teacher conducts online lecture, female student takes notes. Online training,video call

There are 2 ½ -3 days of prerecorded live training workshop, with an audience, so that you get to feel as part of the experience. You get to hear other professionals’ questions and the group discussion. This online format is done in a self-paced manner, and does not need to be scheduled at a particular time. Over 95% of professionals train as a group (a minimum of 2 professionals) and follow at least parts of the online workshop together or set up regular meetings to discuss the workshop. This is a very valuable part of the experience.

Let us know you are done and we will schedule a live zoom meeting through the contact us button. We will schedule a 1 hour zoom meeting with Biringen (or an associate) to see what needs to be clarified and to see if you are ready to take on the reliability test. There is nothing to prepare for this meeting, simply your working knowledge from the manual and prerecorded live workshop. We then release the online reliability test. You have 1 month to complete the test and send it to Biringen directly, who will evaluate the test and engage in any conversation about your attainment of certification. Most researchers and practitioners can be and are mentored through this process and we have a very high success rate. If you want to be certified, we get you there, provided you are willing to put in the work!