EA Application

Only professionals who are working in the field are eligible for this training. Please review the following application steps:

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    Review Training Process

    Review and understand the various Training Processes to better understand what happens during the program and our EA Administration to understand the steps taken to implement EA.

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    Locate a Group

    Finding professionals who can be part of your “group” is important.  A group is defined as a minimum of 2 professionals. Such a “group” is very useful in your training experience.  If you are a researcher, it is necessary so that you can obtain inter-rater reliability on your own sample after our training, and if you are a practitioner, it is helpful in getting a “second opinion” as you work to understand a child custody or child welfare case or in therapy work.  In some cases, professionals locate those from other institutions, but they can be part of the same group if they are working on similar collaborative research projects.  Similarly, you can find a group by connecting with other professionals who do similar types of work so that you can continue supporting each other after training and get second opinions. One person from the group should upload all materials together.

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    Transfer of Agreement Form

    Download the Transfer of Agreement document.  This document addresses the agreement about confidentiality to protect children and families. This form should be completed and signed by each person undergoing the training.

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    Letter from a Senior Professional on Letterhead

    This letter from a senior professional in your organization should include information on each member of the group applying for this EA training program.  The senior professional should write a brief paragraph about each professional--on educational/work background, along with the purpose to which the training would be put.  In addition, the professional should provide information on whether the EA System will be used in research and/or clinical/practice work (with some description of the research or clinical work) and the age groups that will be seen.  Please also let us know if you need only the EA Basic (0-5 years) or additionally need EA Middle Childhood/Youth training (6 years and up), Prenatal EA training (2nd trimester of pregnancy), and EA Brief training.

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    Complete the Information Below

    Complete the information in the spaces provided, paying special attention that your name and email are entered in correctly. You will be required to upload the Transfer of Agreement form and the letter from a senior professional in your organization.

Application Submission

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Download the Transfer of Agreement document, fill out and sign, and upload here.
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