Authorized Supervisors and Trainers

If you have been EA certified and using it for some time, we offer training on how you can help others with EA or as a next step perhaps train, especially in your own country

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Dedicated training for authorized supervisors and authorized trainers is now available from us; please contact us.  We can address this on a case-by-case basis easily, even if you were trained on an old version of the system. Ideally, there would be someone in each country who speaks the native language.

Very important:   One is not required to be an authorized supervisor to be a 'go to' person for new trainees on one's own (research or clinical) team.  Reason:  We all learn better by 'talking' to others, especially those who are more experienced, such as the head of a research or clinical team who has been using EA for some time or who has invested time in learning the system just recently and can be that 'go to' person.  There is no special training needed for this role.  However, one cannot train others on one's research or clinical team; everyone needs to go through an authorized training (per below).  Reason:  Training others without being trained on how to train (i.e., knowing the pitfalls and weak links in the chain) would essentially be training others to use the system incorrectly.  Just because one has used the system a lot, it does not mean one is using the system correctly, especially after many years of without recalibration (i.e., the well-known drift).

An authorized supervisor is a 'go to' person who is trained on the most updated EA materials and really has the updated information needed not to lead others down an 'off-shoot' path.  Further, this person is able to articulate and supervise in a way that is mindful of areas that create issues in the use of the standard system.  Given there is additional training needed to become an authorized supervisor, it makes sense to go down this path only if you are also interested being such a 'go to' person for others and may even want to help others achieve reliability or achieve a higher level of understanding.  This can be helpful in some countries to reach those who may not be as facile with the English language.

An authorized trainer is someone who can actually train and disseminate the tool outside their own research/clinical team.  Such training is intended to be in person, as there is online training already available to every professional. Exceptions may be made, especially for non-English speaking countries.

So that both of these roles are done to a standard, one needs to get certified/licensed as one or the other, or both, on a yearly basis so that authorization is about having the standard, updated knowledge and dissemination being accurate dissemination.

Everyone is on the same footing, unless they are authorized to be at a more advanced level. This authorization comes from, not by the head of a research or clinical team, or other.  Reason:  Abiding by these guidelines keeps the EA System evidence-based/scientifically defensible, and linked to the wealth of EA literature indicating strong validity.