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Special issues in journals have been dedicated to disseminating national and international contributions (including in Attachment and Human Development, 2000, Infant Mental Health Journal, 2005, and Parenting: Science and Practice, 2009).  A comprehensive review is Biringen et al. (2014) in Development Review.  Two additional review articles have been published in the last year, one in Brain Sciences, and one in Human Development, with a third being reviewed.

References of review articles

Biringen, Z., Sandoval, K., & Flykt, M.(2022).  Emotional Availability (EA):  Clinical populations and clinical applications.  Human Development, 10.

Clark, E. L. M., Jiao, Y., Sandoval, K.,& Biringen, Z. (2021) Neurobiological implications of parent-child emotional availability:  A review.  Brain Sciences, 11.

Biringen, Z., Derscheid, D., Vliegen, N., Closson, L., & Easterbrooks, A.E. (2014). Emotional availability (EA): Theoretical background, empirical research using the EA Scales, and clinical applications.  Developmental Review, 34, 114-167.