Emotional Availability

About Zeynep Biringen, Ph. D.


Zeynep Biringen, Ph.D. is a professor at Colorado State University (CSU) and licensed as a psychologist in the State of Colorado.  She conducts research on adult-child relationships at CSU and trains other professionals (researchers, mental health clinicians, and other practitioners) in evidence-based tools that she has developed in the context of research, through her company.   She has been interested in  mother-child, father-child, as well as child care professional-child relationships, both in terms of assessment as well as intervention.

She has spearheaded the understanding of emotional availability (EA) as a rigorous scientific assessment of adult-child relationships, developing and refining the Emotional Availability (EA) System.  The EA System is a tool to conceptualize and evaluate the quality of adult-child relationships (as evaluated by trained and reliable observers) from an attachment theory perspective.  The system has been “exported” for use in independent laboratories for almost 30 years and is one of the most heavily utilized systems to date, and is being used worldwide (at least 25 countries, 5 continents), and almost all sub-cultures in the United States.

She lectures and conducts national and/or international workshops to researchers, mental-health professionals, health-care professionals, and child care professionals each year.  She also trains professionals through an online training course, which leads to certification.


Curriculum Vitae (December 2018)
Zeynep Biringen, Ph.D

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