Meet Zeynep Biringen

Founder and creator of the EA programs since 1987


Zeynep Biringen, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado and Professor Emerita at Colorado State University (CSU).  She conducted research on adult-child relationships at CSU for over 25 years and has trained literally thousands of professionals (researchers, mental health clinicians, and other practitioners) in the evidence-based EA System.

Inspired by her mentor Robert N. Emde’s conceptualizations of emotional availability and emotions as well as Bowlby/Ainsworth attachment theory, Biringen has spearheaded the understanding of emotional availability (EA) as a rigorous scientific assessment of adult-child relationships, developing and refining the Emotional Availability (EA) System.  Encouraged by Robert N. Emde, Biringen began to train professionals in the system well over 30 years ago.

Biringen speaks at an EA workshop in Helsinki, Finland on how the child is cue to the relationship and the importance of emotion detection

Biringen speaks at an EA workshop in Boulder, Colorado on how a caregiver’s attachment or abuse history can impact the map that he or she has in parenting