Emotional Availability

EA® System (BASIC) Self-Paced Online Training/Certification (Newborn – 14 years)

(Training is required to use the EA System; trainings conducted by Zeynep Biringen and certified trainers)

To get a sense of an EA Training, please check out this video.

EA BASIC Training and Certification (0-5 years)

All professionals using the EA system need to go through this foundational training—EA BASIC. Copyrighted EA materials are available solely with the authorized training. The online, or more accurately the hybrid, training is 2 ½ -3 days of a filmed live workshop, followed by a virtual (Zoom) meeting with me or an associate, and then the release of the reliability test.

As you will see, EA Training conducted in a ‘group setting’ (‘group’ refers to 2 or more people who sign up for the training at the same time and who plan to meet together on occasion to discuss the EA Training) is viewed as most optimal, and incentives for this view have been created, as there is much learning and improvement in learning that occurs within group and community settings.

Procedures for Application: Professionals who are working in the field are eligible for this training. Steps to follow include:

  • A copy of a letter from a senior person in your organization. This letter should be with a signature on professional letterhead, if at all possible, detailing your (and those of others in your group) educational background, current post, and the intended use of the system (research, clinical). A brief summary of the projects you plan to use the system with would be appreciated.
  • Send back the “transfer of agreement” (completed and signed) which addresses agreement about confidentiality to protect children.  This form should be completed and signed by each person to start the training.  To obtain this form, please send a quick note via the ‘contact’ tab, or email zbiringen@eaparentchild.com.

For the EA Training, group rates are available to establish EA communities; please contact us for the rates, because it will differ based on number of people training together.  Additionally, you will need to decide on whether you would like the EA 0-5 training or also the older child/youth training.  (There are separate manuals for 0-5 and the older child/youth versions, as well as separate training tapes.  You will  need to go through the 0-5 training to gain access to the older child/youth cases, even if you are working only with older children/youth.)

The certification is for one year.  Recertification in some form is recommended on a yearly basis; see below for a menu of options to continue honing your EA skills.  All of the below increase EA scoring skills as well, be it through conceptualization or actual scorings.  After initial certification in BASIC, you are not denied recertification, merely provided feedback to improve your skills.

ADDITIONAL EA TRAININGS BEYOND EA BASIC:  Used for honing one’s EA skills on a yearly basis, but can be done much sooner or even as soon as one completes EA BASIC as well

EA Manual Middle Childhood/Youth Version

If you are working with older children (6-14 years of age), an additional manual and its training is available and should be helpful. This training involves video cases and their discussion in a workshop format.  Please remind me that you have signed up for this training AFTER you complete the 0-5 training, as these cases are made available to you AFTER the BASIC 0-5 year certification.  You will be recertified, at this time, without a reliability test.

Level II:  Additional check of reliability/agreement with us

Many people use Level II as a way to move from EA BASIC to work on their own sample.  In your unique context, culture, and/or age group of children, it may be wise to have us check a small number of your tapes so that we/you make sure that you are scoring the way we would. You can include as many as 3-4 professionals from your group to do this with no increase in cost. You will be provided with coding on an excel sheet as well as narratives about each case. With these 3-4 cases, you will be recertified, called Level II certification.

For research grants, you can ask if Zeynep Biringen can be a consultant/investigator in order to do deeper checking, like this. I watch in real time with the extant codes from your coder in front of me and correct or provide a second opinion.  This is a way to have a data set that has some “double coding” features.  This can be done as part of recertification.

If you have achieved certification in EA BASIC two (or more) years ago, even if you have been very busy in use of the system during this time, an EA Refresher Training is recommended, to keep you updated about the system.  If you have been certified more recently, you can go directly to the few cases for Level II, skipping the refresher.

EA Refresher Training

You will have access to a short training that reviews the most recent and key facets of the EA System, followed by several video cases and their scorings.  You will then have access to several reliability cases for you to score. We meet for a virtual (Zoom) session as a checkpoint or supervision, especially related to any cases that are not in agreement with us.  You get recertification at the end of these interactions.  This training (and re-training) is especially important to keep certified professionals active in the use of the system and to provide ongoing supervision.

Prenatal EA Training

My colleague Saara Salo (University of Helsinki and Pilke Clinic in Helsinki, Finland) and I have a pregnancy EA Training.  This is typically used in the last trimester of pregnancy, after the baby is kicking.  This training is a short training online and there is an established reliability test to accompany it.  At this time, much of this is subtitled in English, for Finnish cases, although we will add US cases over time.  This involves a reliability test and recertification.

NOTE:  Because only EA learners can have access to any of these proprietary training materials, please be sure that you want the training prior to sending any payment; after receipt of payment, we assume you are embarking on the training process and will not issue any refunds or transfer to alternate professionals.   If you do not receive any component of the training system (e.g., materials), it is your responsibility to alert us immediately by email.  Although we try to be helpful to your unique situation if you will let us know, with this tuition, the guarantee is 6 months of access to the secure site and, therefore, 6 months for your training process (the full training includes:  3 days for the workshop, usually an hour of virtual consultation, and then 7-10 hours for the reliability testing, which is all done based on your schedule).  Although we try our best, there can be no guarantee that any professional will reach reliability, that you will have meaningful findings in your projects, or that you will be satisfied.